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Digital technologies for the data lifecycle of large-scale surveys 1

Coordinator 1Dr Diana Zavala-Rojas (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, European Social Survey ERIC, RECSM )
Coordinator 2Mr Niccolò Ghirelli (European Social Survey ERIC HQ, City, University of London )

Session Details

At the different stages of the survey data lifecycle, process-generated or user-generated content, meta- and para-data play an increasingly important role. As large-scale surveys rely more on the implementation of highly standardised processes, project management and data lifecycles utilise more digital tools to ensure both data quality and maintainability
Research infrastructures, and survey data providers are developing new digital technologies to enhance greater consistency, and improve communication between the different stakeholders involved.

This session aims to bring together those working with data dashboards and survey tools to share their experiences. We welcome presentations on tools used during the survey data lifecycle (e.g., questionnaire design, sampling, translation, data collection and data processing) from different stakeholders (fieldwork agencies, research infrastructures, academic institutes, etc.) and/or studies (national and cross-national, cross-sectional, and longitudinal, conducted in any mode).

Presentations could outline how methodological and practical issues have been addressed and show how digital technologies have an impact on survey implementation and appraisal of data quality. Presentations may also provide systematic reviews of performance indicators, monitoring dashboards, and studies testing tools.