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ESRAnet is an email discussion list where members can connect with colleagues to seek advice, share experiences and get the latest news about survey research in Europe. All ESRA members are automatically subscribed to ESRAnet on joining the association. The list is only as useful as we make it, and members are encouraged to post to it.

Personal settings

You can control your own ESRAnet environment, for instance changing your current email address, by logging into the JISCmail website at and selecting Subscriber’s Corner. You will need to create a username and password the first time you visit.

Reply options

When you hit “reply”, your message will be sent to the individual sender. This is the default, in order to reduce the number of unwanted messages that members receive, cut down on embarrassing private conversations being broadcast to all, and encourage interactions among members. If you feel your comments are of interest to the entire list, choose “reply all”.

Welcomed topics

ESRAnet welcomes any issue relating to public opinion, research methods or to the organisation and its membership. These include but are not limited to:

  • Reports of study findings
  • Public opinion regarding current events and politics
  • Members in the news
  • New job openings or studentships, graduations, retirements

Unwelcomed topics

It is inappropriate to use ESRAnet for blatant commercial solicitation. Product reviews should be posted only in response to questions from other list members. Brief notices of opportunities for participation in omnibus surveys are acceptable.

Use links, not attachments

Please include a link if you want to share an item of interest with the listserv. ESRAnet does not allow attachments.

Tone and civility

ESRAnet is a listserv of survey professionals and academics, and we expect all to be polite and collegiate. Please treat people online courteously and respectfully.


ESRAnet is not moderated. If you feel someone has violated ESRAnet guidelines, please send your complaint to the individual offender.

Permission required to quote off-list

ESRAnet is a private, member-only listserv. Author permission must be obtained before quoting a posting to ESRAnet in a journal article, news story, class materials, posting to another discussion group or in any other venue.

Quoting previous text

If you are responding to the list and quoting a previous message, please consider deleting excess text to keep the size of the message down. At a minimum, the footer to the previous message should be deleted. Keeping the size down will be beneficial to those reading via smart phone, as well as for the archive.

Summary of responses

If you post a question, most answers will come as a direct reply to you, rather than the entire list. It is useful and customary to post a summary to the list. You can say what you learned in your own words, or string together quotes from the messages in a way that does not identify the authors, removing headers as well as any identifying references from the text itself.


Every message posted to ESRAnet is saved in a searchable archive. Please check the archive before posting a new question.

Spam blockers

Some email systems have issues with messages sent via listserv. You may need to designate as a trusted publisher in your email reader software; different programs may require inclusion in your address book or whitelisting.

Plaintext postings

The postings on ESRAnet can be sent in HTML or plaintext format, however, each email program responds differently to HTML messages. For best results, configure your email program to compose plaintext messages.