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Survey Research Methods

Survey Research Methods is the official peer-reviewed journal of the European Survey Research Association (ESRA). The journal publishes articles in English, which discuss methodological issues related to survey research.

Three types of papers are in-scope:

  • Papers discussing methodological issues in substantive research using survey data
  • Papers that discuss methodological issues that are more or less independent of the specific field of substantive research
  • Replication studies of studies published in SRM

Topics of particular interest include survey design, sample design, question and questionnaire design, data collection, nonresponse, data capture, data processing, coding and editing, measurement errors, imputation, weighting and survey data analysis methods.

Survey Research Methods focuses on data collection methods for large scale surveys, but papers on special populations are welcome. We do not publish pure mathematical papers or simulations. We also normally do not publish papers based on students, or on small sized experiments. Papers on larger experiments, or papers based on data from non-probability samples are welcome given that authors undertake steps to assess external validity or limitations concerning population estimates in detail.

Survey Research Methods publishes replications studies of articles published in the journal. Replication studies will undergo the same reviewing process as original journal articles. In case of publication, replication studies will be marked as such.

Survey Research Methods is indexed by the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), Scopus, and the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). The journal has signed the Transparency and Openness Promotion Guidelines of the Center for Open Science; see the Author Guidelines for SRM’s adoption of these guidelines.

Find out more about the journal’s editorial team here.