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Integrating Data from Different Survey Projects

Coordinator 1Dr Piotr Cichocki (Adam Mickiewicz University)
Coordinator 2Dr Piotr Jabkowski (Adam Mickiewicz University)
Coordinator 3Dr Marta Kołczyńska (Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences)

Session Details

Combining data from different sources constitutes a promising research avenue for secondary data users, as it allows for filling in the coverage gaps in individual cross-national survey projects. Such cross-project data harmonisations face severe methodological challenges, as the underlying survey projects may differ significantly in measurement instruments (i.e., question-wording and response scale formats), modes of data collection, sampling designs, and fieldwork procedures or quality assurance protocols. Secondary users of survey data need standardised and easily applicable procedures to facilitate analyses unbiased by the methodological differences among the underlying survey projects.

This session is dedicated to the advances in data integration procedures, including methodological innovations and applications. Welcome contributions include, but are not limited to, papers that:
A. propose methods for accounting for cross-project differences in data quality and comparability,
B. propose methods for accounting for cross-project differences in the measurement instruments,
C. propose measures of the Total Survey Error or its various aspects,
D. combine data from different sources in order to study a substantive research problem.