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Concise results from the European Social Survey

Coordinator 1Mr Stefan Swift (European Social Survey)

Session Details

I propose a mixed methodology and substantive session that will feature up to five speakers presenting for a relatively short amount of time. The session is inspired by a format of presentation - PechaKucha - created in 2003 by Tokyo based-architects, Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein.

Papers will be invited from speakers who have the ability to meet the requirements of the presentation format. Ideally, the session will include a balanced mix of substantive and methodological presentations, based on data from the European Social Survey (ESS) and other sources, where relevant. Each speaker will be allocated 10 minutes for their presentations with two minutes for questions.

Substantive papers that cover topics included in Round 10 (2020-22) of the ESS are particularly encouraged. This includes the rotating modules on Digital Social Contacts in Work and Family Life and Understandings and Evaluations of Democracy as well as a special COVID-19 module. Research on other topics covered by the ESS will be considered.

Methodology papers on mixed-mode and online data collection modes are particularly encouraged. Other substantive or methodological topics will be considered following the open call for papers.

As session organiser, I will encourage paper submissions to the session, review these proposals, liaise with presenters, liaise with conference organisers and chair the session during the conference. Whilst most conference sessions tend to include no more than four presentations, this format dictates that the session should include up to five speakers in an hour long session.

Significant time and effort will be allocated to assisting speakers in preparing for what will be a challenging task, especially if some of the topics covered include complicated theoretical concepts, in such as short amount of time. Examples of short presentations are available on the PechaKucha website, and this will be an invaluable resource.