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Occupation Coding

Coordinator 1Dr Malte Schierholz (LMU Munich)
Coordinator 2Mr Jan Simson (LMU Munich)
Coordinator 3Ms Olga Kononykhina (LMU Munich)

Session Details

Occupation coding refers to coding a respondent’s text answer (or the interviewer’s transcription of the text answer) about the respondent’s job into one of many hundreds of occupation codes. We welcome any papers on this topic, including, but not limited to:
- measurement of occupations (e.g., mode, question design, …)
- handling of different occupational classifications (e.g., ISCO, ESCO and national classifications)
- problems of coding (e.g., costs, data quality, …)
- techniques for coding (e.g., automatic coding, computer-assisted coding, manual coding, interview coding)
- computer algorithms for coding (e.g., machine learning, rule-based, …)
- cross-national and longitudinal issues
- Measurement of derived variables (e.g., ISEI, ESeC, SIOPS, job-exposure matrices, …)
- other methodological aspects related to occupation coding