ESRA 2019 Programme at a Glance

Measuring Privacy Attitudes

Session Organisers Professor Daniel Oberski (Utrecht University)
Dr David Vannette (Facebook)
TimeWednesday 17th July, 11:00 - 12:30
Room D19

Privacy is an important societal issue, and the public’s attitudes towards privacy will likely determine key developments, such as support for legislation, demands for infrastructural and statistical privacy protections, changes in large online platforms, and so on. At present no commonly agreed upon set of measures exist to tap into citizens’ privacy attitudes, however. This panel brings together a number of research groups working to develop such measures. Ultimately, we would like to reach a consensus and on how privacy attitudes can be measured with high quality, and implement these measures in a number of representative cross-national surveys, in order to better inform future policy decisions.

Panel discussants:
Daniel Oberski, Utrecht University
David Vanette, Facebook
Annette Jäckle, ISER, University of Essex
Caroline Roberts, University of Lausanne

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Dr daniel oberski (utrecht university) - Presenting Author

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We had a lively and fruitful discussion. If you would like to get an overview of the discussion, please see the google doc:

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