Surveys during the Pandemic: Tom Emery, Tim Hanson, and Daphne Ahrendt

2nd July 2021

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Data Linkage and Sharing: Emanuela Sala, Florian Keusch, and Annette Jäckle

9th July 2021

This podcast is about asking respondents to do more than answer survey questions. We discuss what we have learnt in recent years about asking respondents for consent to data linkage, asking for other types of data such as images, and asking respondents to use mobile apps and sensors to collect data.

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Polling: Patrick Sturgis, Courtney Kennedy, and Peter Lugtig

16th July 2021

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Surveys: Past, Present, Future: Annette Scherpenzeel, Caroline Roberts, and Eldad Davidov

23rd July 2021

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