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ESRA conferences traditionally attract a large number of scholars. This year we count almost 900 registered participants. Being aware of the social and environmental impact of such events, the ESRA Conference Committee introduced some actions to improve, even if only partially, the sustainability of the conference:

  • Increasing the inclusion of parents with young children: childcare options have been offered to participants, thanks to the cooperation with Bambini Bicocca. A breastfeeding room is also made available at the conference venue.
  • Favoring participation of young scholars in need of financial support: as for the past editions, ESRA offered Travel and Stay Grants (10), giving priority to eligible applicants from countries with developing economies.
  • Reducing plastic use: all disposable items used during the coffee break and packed lunches are made of compostable material. We invite you to refill your water bottle with tap water (it is drinkable!). The ESRA23 conference gadget is a plantable pencil: After using it for taking notes, you can plant a survey flower! (well, it’s actually a sunflower)
  • Reducing food waste: the local association RECUP will collect food and redistribute it among the local community in need, thanks to its cooperation with other local social actors. RECUP is active in Milan since 2016. It recovers unsold food that has lost economic value, restoring social value to it. Weekly, RECUP reaches about 3.000 people. RECUP will collect food at ESRA twice in agreement with the catering service and under the Italian laws concerning food management.
  • Reducing our environmental impact: in agreement with Parco Nord Milano, the 800-hectare park near the conference venue, ESRA supports the project “Insieme per la Terra” (Together for the Earth).  This project aims to redevelop abandoned and degraded land to create green areas around and within cities for the benefit of urban communities close to the conference venue. We hope to reach 2,000 Euro donation altogether. Join the cause “ESRA23 for the Earth” and donate via this link. There is no minimum amount for your donation.