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Short courses

Monday 17th July

Morning Session: 09:00-12:00

Caroline Roberts: The Essentials of Survey Methodology
Oliver Lipps: The Mechanics of Longitudinal Data Analysis
Matthias Schonlau: Text Mining Applied to Open-Ended Questions
Rui Costa Lopes: Experimental Design for Survey Research
Alexandru Cernat: Introduction to Latent Class Analysis

Afternoon Session: 13.00-16.00

Claudia Abreu Lopes: Applications of Big Data to Social Sciences
Emily Geisen and Jennifer Romano Bergstrom: Usability Testing for Survey Research: How to and Best Practices
Peter Lugtig and Vera Toepoel: Smartphones: From Surveys to Sensors
Ana Villar and Dorothée Behr: Designing Questionnaires for Cross-Cultural Surveys
Anuška Ferligoj: Introduction to Social Network Analysis