Best Paper in SRM Award

ESRA awards its ‘Best Paper in SRM’ award to authors of the highest quality publications in the ESRA journal ‘Survey Research Methods’. The aim of the award is to increase the journal’s visibility and act as an additional incentive for attracting high quality papers to the journal.  Nominations for the prize are made by the SRM editor and associate editors from among all papers published in the journal during the two calendars preceding the year in which the prize is awarded.  The winning article is then selected by a subcommittee of the ESRA Committee.  The winner receives a certificate at the Conference Dinner.

2019 SRM paper Award: The award for the best paper published in ESRA’s journal Survey Research Methods in 2017-2018 goes to Kazimierz M. Słomczyński (The Ohio State University, Polish Academy of Sciences), Przemek Powałko (Polish Academy of Sciences) and Tadeusz Krauze (Hofstra University). The winning paper, entitled “Non-unique Records in International Survey Projects: The Need for Extending Data Quality Control”, was published in SRM in 2017 (Volume 11). The paper makes an important contribution to the discussion on the impact of non-unique records on survey data quality. The paper is clearly written, relevant and original.


Past recipients:

2017 Marc Hoglinger, Ben Jann, and Andreas Diekmann “Sensitive Questions in Online Surveys: An Experimental Evaluation of Different Implementations of the Randomized Response Technique and the Crosswise Model” (SRM 2016,10)

2015 Jolene D. Smyth, Kristen Olson and Alian Kasabian, “The Effect of Answering in a Preferred Versus a Non-Preferred Survey Mode on Measurement” (SRM 2014, 8)