2015 Awards

2015 Outstanding Service Award: Jaak Billiet

2015 Early Career Award: Christoph Kern

Christoph Kern from the University Duisburg-Essen was awarded the early career prize for his paper “Comparing coefficients of nonlinear multivariate regression models between equations” (jointly with Petra Stein).  The prize committee noted the paper takes a known (if often ignored) problem with the interpretation and comparison of nonlinear regression coefficients in logit and probit models and develops a novel solution, based on structural equation modeling with a widely used software package. The author nicely demonstrates that the existing solutions to these problems, due to Allison and others, are special cases of a more general SEM solution, which can produce equivalent model likelihoods but in a more flexible setting. As such, this is a genuinely novel, and useful, contribution to the literature.

Honorable mentions:  Marco Haenssgen and Cynthia McLauchlan.

2015 Best Paper in SRM Award: Jolene D. Smyth, Kristen Olson and Alian Kasabian

The award for the best paper published in ESRA’s journal “Survey Research Methods” in 2013-2014 goes to Jolene D. Smyth, Kristen Olson and Alian Kasabian from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. The paper is entitled “The Effect of Answering in a Preferred Versus a Non-Preferred Survey Mode on Measurement”. The prize committee noted this is the first paper to examine whether there is a relationship between answering in a preferred survey mode and survey quality. The paper is based on results from multiple experiments in a large scale survey, the clarity of writing is exemplary and the paper is technically sophisticated using, for example, negative binomial regression to adjust for overdispersion.