2011 Awards

2011 Outstanding Service Award: Professor Roger Jowell

Roger Jowell founded the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen), now Britain’s largest social research institute, which he directed from 1969 until 2001. In 2001, with international colleagues, Roger set up the European Social Survey (ESS), a 34-nation comparative study of changing social values throughout Europe which was awarded the Descartes Prize in 2005. In 2003 he moved with the ESS to City University, where he became Research Professor and Founder Director of the Centre for Comparative Social Surveys. Roger was appointed CBE in 2001, knighted in 2008 and very sadly passed away in 2012.

2011 Early Career Award: Jorre Vannieuwenhuyze

Jorre, of the University of Leuven, was awarded the prize for his paper (joint with G. Loosveldt) “Evaluating Relative Mode Effects in Mixed-Mode Surveys: Three methods to disentangle selection and measurement effects”. The awarding committee noted that the paper tackles an awkward problem in survey methodology; if you perform a mixed-mode survey and the results differ between modes, what part of the difference is caused by selection effects and what part by measurement effects? The authors give a nice and rather complete theoretical overview of the methods that are used in the past to answer this problem. They clearly expose problematic assumptions of the most widely used methods of studying mode effects, and propose two possible alternatives. The paper deals with the insights from a formal point of view and outlines the potential advantages and disadvantages of each alternative. In full awareness of the limits of the proposed methods, this paper offers a more than welcome addition to current practices in the field.

Honourable mentions were recorded for the papers by: Ian Brunton-Smith, Rafael Studer and Dmitryi Poznak.