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18 June 2024

Message from the ESRA Committee on the passing of Don Dillman

We are sad to learn that Prof. Don Dillman has passed away. He has had a great influence on the ESRA community, was a frequent ESRA conference visitor, and winner of our 2023 Outstanding Service Award. Many of us have known him, read his books and papers, and have discussed our ... See more

5 June 2024

Call for ESRA25 conference sessions now open!

Hosted by Utrecht University, the 11th Conference of the European Survey Research Association (ESRA) will take place from 14th July to 18th July 2025. The conference theme is “Promises and problems of new and alternative data sources and data formats for survey research. Methodological challenges and substantive conclusions.” We are now ... See more

30 May 2024

New ESRA Podcast Episode

The third episode of our new ESRA Podcast Series has been published! Our moderator Dr. Tom Emery discusses "FAIR principles implementation in survey research" with Dr. Steve McEachern (Director and Manager of the Australian Data Archive ADA). The episode is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, RSS feed, and Transistor. See more

23 May 2024

ESRA Summer School in Ljubljana

Survey Methodology Summer School 2024 jointly organised by the European Survey Research Association (ESRA) and the Centre for Social Informatics, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana will take place from Monday the 1st of July 2024 until Wednesday the 3rd of July 2024 at the University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Registration is now ... See more

30 April 2024

Brand new ESRA Podcast Series

ESRA has a new podcast series and two episodes are already available! In this ongoing series, host Tom Emery, Director of ODISSEI and Associate Professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam, talks with some of the most influential voices in the survey community. In the first episodes, Tom discusses sensors and apps in ... See more

12 March 2024

ESRA Scholarships for RECSM Summer School

ESRA is offering its members 2 scholarships for the RECSM Summer Methods School in Barcelona in June to July 2024! The application deadline for the scholarships is April 1, 2024. Scholarship holders will be selected from all applicants based on academic merit. Preference will go to applicants from countries with less ... See more

11 April 2023

New SRM Issue: Vol. 17 No. 1

Survey Research Methods has just published a new issue. Puzzling Answers to Crosswise Questions: Problematic Interpretations of Overall Prevalence Rates, Response Order Effects and why Repeated Exposure Does not Help (Sandra Walzenbach, Thomas Hinz) Respondents for Nearly Three Decades: How Do Loyal Sample Members Differ From Others? (Nicole D. James) Memory Effects: A Comparison ... See more

13 March 2023

New ESRA Podcast: Smart surveys: collection digital trace data

Vera Toepoel (ESRA President & CBS Netherlands), Mark Trappmann (Institute for Employment Research & University of Bamberg), and Barry Schouten (CBS Netherlands & Utrecht University) discuss about the collection of digital trace data. You can find the podcast here. See more

27 February 2023

Call for New Committee Members

The European Survey Research Association has published a Call for Nominations for new committee members. More information is available here. See more

12 December 2022

New SRM Issue: Vol. 16 No. 3

Survey Research Methods has just published a new issue. The Blind Spot: Studying the Association Between Survey Nonresponse and Adherence to COVID-19 Governmental Regulations in a Population-Based German Web-Survey (Martin Wetzel, Bettina Hünteler) Survey Response in RDD-Sampling SMS-Invitation Web-Push Study (Sebastian Kocar) Choosing Who to Follow: The Long-Run Impact of Following Rules on the ... See more

25 November 2022

New ESRA Podcast: How to make surveys more enjoyable

Vera Toepoel (ESRA President & CBS Netherlands), Jon Puleston (Kantar), and Niels Schillewaert (InSites Consulting) discuss how to make surveys more enjoyable. You can find the podcast here. See more

29 August 2022

New ESRA Podcast: How to measure a difficult concept: survey or wearables?

Vera Toepoel (ESRA President & CBS Netherlands), Arie Kapteyn (University of Southern California), and Hidde van der Ploeg (Amsterdam University Medical Center) discuss how to measure a difficult concept: survey or wearables? You can find the podcast here. See more

11 August 2022

New SRM Issue: Vol. 16 No. 2

Survey Research Methods has just published a new issue. What Parcel Tax Records Tell Us About Homeownership Measurement in Surveys (Shiyu Zhang, James Wagner, Elisabeth R. Gerber, Jeffrey D. Morenoff) Observing Interviewer Performance in Slices or by Traces: A Comparison of Methods to Predict Interviewers’ Individual Contributions to Interviewer Variance (Celine Wuyts, Geert ... See more

13 July 2022

ESRA Podcast nominated for Market Research Podcast Award

The ESRA Podcast has been nominated for the 2022 Market Research Award. The annual award is sponsored by Little Bird Marketing and GreenBook. Please support our podcast! Voting is open from now until 12 August 2022. You can cast your vote here. The winner will be announced in September at the IIeX Behavior ... See more

9 June 2022

New ESRA Podcast: The future of survey costs

Vera Toepoel (ESRA President & CBS Netherlands), Joost Kappelhof (Netherlands Institute for Social Research & European Social Survey), and Gerry Nicolaas (NatCen Social Research) discuss the future of survey costs. You can find the podcast here. See more