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Student travel bursaries for ESRA 2017

The European Survey Research Association invites applications for a limited number of travel bursaries for students attending ESRA’s biennial conference in Lisbon in 2017. The bursaries are meant to facilitate and encourage the participation of postgraduate students from all European regions.

Expenses covered

A bursary will cover an individual’s travel expenses, based on the least expensive, feasible way of travelling to the ESRA conference. Bursaries will be limited to €500 maximum. Students granted a bursary will not be required to pay the ESRA conference fee (though they will need to pay for the conference dinner, and any short courses they decide to take).

Who can apply?

The bursaries are for Masters and PhD students and for postdocs, and are granted on the basis of need and excellence. With respect to need, priority will be given to students who would be otherwise unable to attend the conference for financial reasons, such as students living in regions in economic hardship. An approved conference abstract is required for the bursary. Excellence will be judged based on the extended conference abstract and C.V. A full conference paper is an advantage but not a strict requirement.

How to apply?

Applicants must provide a reason for their application, a C.V., and an extended conference abstract or full paper if available. Please log in here: and click on ‘Submit a bursary application’.
The bursary application deadline is 31st March 2017

The bursary can be paid as soon as travel arrangements have been booked, upon receipt of a scan of the travel expenses documents.

Submitted: 2017-03-28