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It is here! The new issue of SRM

This issue features:

"Measuring geographic mobility: Comparison of estimates from longitudinal and cross-sectional data" by Nicole Watson

"Evaluating push-to-web methodology for mixed-mode surveys using address-based samples" by Peter Lynn

"The Impact of Splitting a Long Online Questionnaire on Data Quality" by Ioannis Andreadis and Evangelia Kartsounidou

"Effects of Header Images on Different Devices in Web Surveys" by Miriam Trübner

"Attention Check Items and Instructions in Online Surveys: Boon or Bane for Data Quality?" by Hawal Shamon and Carl Clemens Berning

"The Impact of Mixed Modes on Multiple Types of Measurement Error" by Joseph Sakshaug and Alexandru Cernat

Full texts of all articles are available on SRM webpage. Happy reading!
Submitted: 2020-04-16