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New Issue of Survey Research Methods

Survey Research Methods has just published its latest issue. All articles are accessible through the SRM webpage. Please find below the table of contents for your reference.


"Too fast, too straight, too weird: Non-reactive indicators for meaningless data in internet surveys" by Dominik Johannes Leiner

"Linking interview speed and interviewer effects on target variables in face-to-face surveys" by Caroline Vandenplas, Koen Beullens, Geert Loosveldt

"Qualitative testing for official establishment survey questionnaires" by Mojca Bavdaz, Deirdre Giesen, Danna L. Moore, Paul A. Smith, Jacqui Jones

"Does benefit framing improve record linkage consent rates? A survey experiment" by Joseph W. Sakshaug, Jens Stegmaier, Mark Trappmann, Frauke Kreuter

"In search of the optimal mode for mobile phone surveys in developing countries. A comparison of IVR, SMS, and CATI in Nigeria" by Charles Q Lau, Alexandra Cronberg, Leenisha Marks, Ashley Amaya

"Too sophisticated even for highly educated survey respondents? A qualitative assessment of indirect question formats for sensitive questions" by Julia Jerke, David Johann, Heiko Rauhut, Kathrin Thomas
Submitted: 2019-12-12