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ESRA board elections

Call for the ESRA board elections Read more
Submitted: 2019-07-01

ESRA 2019 - Call for Abstracts

ESRA 2019 - Call for Abstracts Read more
Submitted: 2018-09-21

Venue for 2019 Conference: Zagreb

The next venue for the ESRA conference will be Zagreb, Croatia. The dates for your diary are 15th July 2019 - 19th July 2019. Read more
Submitted: 2017-12-11

BigSurv18 Conference: 25-27th October 2018

Join us in Barcelona on 25-27th October 2018 to explore new statistical frontiers at the intersection of survey science and big data. Read more
Submitted: 2017-10-16

GESIS Summer School 2017

The European Survey Research Association will support participants of the GESIS Summer School 2017 by offering five small scholarships to cover tuition fees for a one-week course. We aim to expand ESRA's activities in the community of survey researchers by supporting education in the subject of survey research, in particularly of ... Read more
Submitted: 2017-03-28

Student travel bursaries for ESRA 2017

The European Survey Research Association invites applications for a limited number of travel bursaries for students attending ESRA’s biennial conference in Lisbon in 2017. The bursaries are meant to facilitate and encourage the participation of postgraduate students from all European regions.

Expenses covered

A bursary will cover an individual’s travel expenses, based on ... Read more
Submitted: 2017-03-28

Book for the non-probability conference now!

Read more
Submitted: 2017-02-03

Survey Research Methods: Call for papers

Survey Research Methods call for papers Read more
Submitted: 2016-12-16

QDET2 student, early career and developing nation awards available

Student, early career and developing nation awards are available for those wishing to attend the International Conference on Questionnaire Design, Development, Evaluation and Testing,Miami, Florida, 9-13 November 2016.

1. NCHS Monroe Sirken Innovative Paper Award for Young Scholars of Question Evaluation - to cover travel expenses

2. Up to $1000 for 6 ... Read more
Submitted: 2016-04-26

SQP and ESRA grant 4 scholarships for the course

6th and 7th July, 15-18h, RECSM summer school in Survey Methodology, Barcelona

Short description of the course:
This course discusses the problem of measurement errors in survey research. It will be shown what the consequences of the errors are in the results of the research. It will also be shown how ... Read more
Submitted: 2016-03-29

Venue for 2017 Conference: Lisbon

The next venue for the ESRA conference will Lisbon, Portugal. The dates for your diary are 18th July 2017 - 22nd July 2017. Read more
Submitted: 2016-03-29

Summer Schools 2016

Here you can find a list of summer schools in Europe that offer courses either regarding data collection or the (quantitative) analysis of survey data. Read more
Submitted: 2015-12-01