Hosting ESRA

The European Survey Research Association (ESRA) has an open call for expressions of interest (EOI) for organizing and hosting future ESRA conferences.  We would be happy to hear from ESRA members, or other scholars working in survey research who might be interested in bringing the ESRA conference to their organisation beyond 2019.

The conference is traditionally held in the month of July and in recent years has attracted around 800 participants. The conference is primarily funded by a combination of core funding from ESRA, registration fees paid by delegates, sponsorship, and contributions by the host organisation/venue.  In line with ESRA’s aim of making the conference as inclusive as possible, efforts have always been made to keep the organisational costs to a minimum. In particular, the conference has always been held in universities providing meeting rooms free-of-charge, making it possible to maintain relatively low registration fees for the conference.  The ESRA Committee would like to continue this convention in future. Furthermore, it is important that the venue has enough rooms to accommodate around 15 parallel sessions, as well as a larger auditorium for at least 350-400 delegates. The venue should be located in a town that has sufficient hotel capacity (see detailed specifications).

Hosting the ESRA conference offers numerous benefits for local organisers. Given the high level of attendance, the hosting venue benefits from a significant amount of publicity among international (European and non-European) survey researchers. It also means that the host town is able to profit from the large number of visitors – before, during and after the conference. ESRA makes every effort to cover costs to the local organiser (e.g. for personnel involved in the conference planning), so that no or only minimal costs are incurred. However, the budget for local organisation must be agreed with the ESRA Committee to ensure that these are reasonable and in line with expenditure in previous years.

Anybody interested in becoming involved in organising a future conference should contact: