Outstanding Service Award

ESRA offers its Outstanding Services Award to acknowledge sustained and high-level contributions, either of a methodological, substantive, or infrastructural nature, to European survey research. Nominations are made and voted on by members of the ESRA committee.

2017 Outstanding Service Award: Edith De Leeuw

The ESRA board awarded the 2017 prize for Outstanding Service to Survey Research to Edith De Leeuw.  Edith De Leeuw is professor in survey methodology and statistics at the University of Utrecht. Her extensive service record includes co-organizing four international conferences on data collection, quality, and survey methodology and statistics, and organizing and teaching numerous international workshops. She was executive secretary of the social sciences chapter of the Netherlands society for statistics and operations research (VVS), president of the international research committee on logic and methodology of the International Sociological Association (ISA), and she served on the scientific advisory boards of national and international organizations (e.g. NWO, ZUMA, ILO). She is council member of the International Association of Survey Statisticians (IASS) of the International Statistical Institute and member of the scientific board of the Swiss Foundation for research in Social Sciences (FORS).  In addition to all her service, she has published more than 20 articles in Dutch, over 30 articles in international scientific journals, and over 50 chapters in Dutch and International books.

Past recipients:

2015 Jaak Billiet

2013 Willem Saris

2011 Roger Jowell