ESRA 2021 Call for Nominations

The ESRA executive committee seeks nominations for positions to be filled in elections to be held this Spring. For the first time, ESRA will hold its elections electronically and the successful candidates will be announced in the weeks prior to the start of this year’s biennial conference.
ESRA seeks to appoint five new committee members to fill the following posts:

General Secretary – The General Secretary is responsible for organizing and minuting committee meetings, as well as monitoring the ESRA email accounts and managing the JISCMAIL mailing lists ESRANET (ESRA members list) and ESRA-Board (Executive Board Members for ESRA).  He or She is also responsible for coordinating elections.

Vice-Conference Chair – The Vice-Conference Chair assists the Conference Chair in the planning and organisation of the ESRA biennial conference, and contributes to the work of the conference sub-committee (e.g. by coordinating sponsorships, short courses, website content, reviewing abstracts, liaising with the local organising team).

Three Committee Members who will contribute to the work of subcommittees responsible for areas including:

  • Communications (website management and social media)
  • Memberships
  • Finances (supporting the work of the treasurer)
  • Education (organisation of short courses)
  • Thematic conferences
  • Sponsorship
  • Awards and bursaries

The precise role will be agreed within the committee at the start of the new member’s term and the preferences and qualifications of the nominees/candidates will be taken into consideration.

The positions are open to members of ESRA wishing to contribute to the coordination of ESRA’s activities on a volunteer basis, and appointment will be decided by election. The term of office for ESRA Committee members is six years, during which time there is the opportunity to rotate between roles every two years.  

ESRA is a registered charity in the United Kingdom and on appointment Committee members become trustees of the charity.  For further details see:

Nomination procedures:

Nominations may be made by other ESRA members or by candidates themselves. All nominations/ candidacies should mention the name of the nominee(s)/candidate, his/her qualifications, and the position of interest and should be accompanied by a web link or document about the nominee/candidate. Only nominations/candidacies from current ESRA members are eligible for consideration.

If you wish to nominate somebody or wish to stand for a position, please contact The deadline for nominations is Friday 2nd April 2021. 

Information about the electoral process:

ESRA’s President and General Secretary are responsible for the electoral process. The composition of the committee should reflect, as much as possible, the diversity of ESRA’s membership. However, the committee cannot know all of the members who might be qualified and interested candidates in all regions, thus we strongly encourage you to suggest names of people whom you think could be good candidates for committee seats.

The committee’s role is to examine all the suggestions that it receives from members and, taking into consideration the diversity that we seek on the committee, as well as availability and qualifications, propose the slate of candidates for the positions available.  

At the present time, the ESRA Committee is especially interested in appointing male members of ESRA to achieve a better gender balance, and members based in Southern and Eastern Europe.  Because ESRA is a UK-based charity, we are also interested in recruiting a committee member based in the UK who can directly support the work of the treasurer.

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